Fantasia Loses Her North Carolina Mansion


via TMZ:

Fantasia Barrino didn’t get any bites on her North Carolina mansion, so now she’s willing to walk away for zero dollars … by signing it over to the bank.



Barrino has had long-standing troubles with the home. In 2009, the former “American Idol” winner almost got foreclosed on, but dodged the bullet at the 12th hour. Last April she put the house on the market, with an asking price of $800,000 … $500,000 less than she paid for it.

According to court docs, Barrino transferred the deed over to the bank in February … skipping the foreclosure process and jumping right to the part where she loses her home.

Fantasia's Mansion






That’s okay Tasia. I’m sure losing your home hurts, but as you said in your song, “some times you’ve got to lose to win again”.

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